In this course students get acquainted with (a) current best (and questionable) research practices in the social sciences and (b) acquire skills to use advanced research methods and technology in the domain of Conflict, Risk and Safety. These practices and skills are aimed at facilitating and informing students’ upcoming master thesis research and are relevant for prospective positions after graduation.

Through a lecture, students learn about the current do’s and don’ts in conducting and reporting psychological research (e.g. p-hacking), and are offered examples and tools to follow such best practices. Consequently, in five tutorials, students acquire state-of-the-art research methods and technologies for designing research (e.g. online content analysis, using GPS data) and analysing empirical data (e.g. using R software, propensity-score matching). Based on the tutorials, students complete an assignment to demonstrate that they acquired the skill to use each of these specific research methods offered.

Each lecture and tutorial is offered by a different, experienced lecturer, who together cover a wide range of theoretical approaches, research methods and ecologically valid research problems within the domain of CRS.