The course Advanced Research Methods (ARM) teaches Master students of the specialization ‘Human Factors and Engineering Psychology’ (HFE) advanced skills in applied research methods commonly practiced in the field of Human Factors. These research practices build upon different courses and modules offered in the Bachelor and Pre-Master curriculum such as module 6, ‘Human Factors and Engineering Psychology’. By following the course ARM, student reach a higher level of practical research skills specific for the field. The course offers a wide range of different research methods (from new statistics to user-centered design methods) and combines theory and practice. Generally, the student will develop those advanced research skills by studying the appropriate literature prior to a full-day workshop.

The course consists of five topics where students practice the specific research methods in realistic scenarios. Depending on the topic, the workshops are a combination of short introductions followed by exercises where students are analyzing, designing, conducting or evaluating research. After the workshops, students deepen their knowledge of a certain research method by studying the underlying literature and prepare for the exam.