The course reviews and teaches the current and emerging technology-based business aspects of Digital Marketing. The course will explain  the importance, impact and pervasiveness of  ICTs in today’s business environment and in particular in the Marketing domain. The main objective of the course is to educate future marketers in skills and knowledge underpinning the Digital Transformation.
Students will develop knowledge and insight in current theories, models and management approaches in the field of marketing in digital environments and the understand  the importance of applied data science for the future marketer. This knowledge and insight are important in order to understand the background and impact of data-driven marketing.
Students will furthermore will get in touch with various aspects of ‘Social, Big- and Open Data’ based tools, the domain of cognitive computing and its importance in management decision processes. Other focus areas of the course are the Consumer Neuroscience (Neuromarketing), the Networked Society / Internet of Things (IoT)